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Participation in PhD Committees

  • Nikolaos Sapountzis, "Network Layer Optimization for Next Generation Heterogeneous Networks", Eurecom Institut, 14/12/2016
  • George Koudouris, “Radio Resource Allocation and Utilization in Multiple Radio Access Networks”, KTH, 25/4/2016.
  • Senka Hadzic, “Cooperative Positioning for Heterogeneous Wireless Systems”, Univ. of Aveiro, 27/2/2014.
  • Israel Guío, “Radio Resource Management for OFDMA based cellular systems for QoS and Interference Management provision”, Univ. of Zaragoza University, 16/10/2013
  • Panayiotis KoliosMechanical relaying in wireless cellular networks, King´s College, 10/11/2011
  • Juan Chóliz, “Design and optimization of positioning techniques for UWB systems and integration with mobile networks, Univ. of Zaragoza University, 7/7/2011
  • Julián David Morillo Pozo, “Improving Wireless Networks with Cooperative ARQ Protocols”, Technical University of Catalonia, 14/07/2009.