• Luis Sanabria-Russo

PhD students
  • J. Bastos “Green Handover for Heterogeneous Systems” @UB
  • Prodromos-Vassilios Mekikis, “Stochastic Geometry for wireless networks” @UPC
  • G. Tseliou “Virtualization in LTE-A” @UPC
  • G. Kollias “SON and cognition in LTE-A” @UPC
  • P. Trakas “Network Economics for data off-loading in cellular networks” @UPC
  • M. Oikonomakou “Infrastructure Sharing in 5G wireless networks” @UPC
  • E. Datsika “Rerources Allocation in 5G wireless networks” @UPC
  • I. Zenginis “Demand Response in Smart Grids” @UPC
  • N. Giatsoglou “5G wireless networks” @UPC
  • [Mikel Irazabal “Implementation of Network Slicing in 5G” @UPC